Each night, students are responsible for:

1. Completing a Math Worksheet or Math Assignment from his/her Student Math Handbook
2. Completing a Learner's Choice Activity for Reading Comprehension.
3. Completing a Learner's Choice Activity for his/her (5) vocabulary words. Vocabulary words are different for each reading group. Your student will be responsible for writing down his or her vocabulary words on his/her homework sheet each week.
4. Completing at least 20 minutes of reading time.
*We will no longer be completing homework assignments for spelling.

Each night, a parent or grown-up is responsible for:
1. Signing your child's homework calendar.
2. Signing your child's behavior calendar.
3. Checking your child's Take-Home Folder for notes from the teacher, principal, etc.

Learner's Choice Activities

Homework Calendars