My Test Book is an excellent source of online enrichment activities, tests, and extra practice in reading, math, and science!
I have created a My Test Book account for each child in the class. Your child's username AND password will be their first and last name, all one word. For example:
username: samsmith
password: samsmith

You may sign in using his/her username and password and take tests in any subject! I will check each child's online report card regularly to see which assignments have been completed.
Getting Started:Follow these step-by-step instructions to begin using mytestbook.com1. go to and enter your username and password.2. Go to 'my assignments' and choose an assignment to complete. You may also go to 'online tests' to take other 2nd grade tests in math, science, or reading. 3. Complete the assignment (most have 10 questions) by clicking on the best answer. You may use paper and pencil, a calculator, or an adult to help you!4. When you are finished, click 'submit and check answers'.